We are an experienced intervention service provider that provides families, loved ones and organizations with professionally managed alcohol and drug interventions in Mississippi and across the entire country. Our professional intervention team works with families struggling with addiction in Jackson, Biloxi, Clinton, Gulfport, and Springfield, and for those living in other parts of Mississippi.

Our Professional Interventions in Mississippi

Our team leads your family through a professional intervention and will also recommend and coordinate a treatment center in Mississippi (or out-of-state) that is the right fit for your loved one, offering them the chance to succeed in treatment. While our most tangible role (and what families hire us to do) as an interventionist is to get your loved one to wholeheartedly agree to enter treatment as a result of the intervention, our actual goal is to help the family & your troubled loved one build a foundation & support system for successful, long-term sobriety.

The selection of an appropriate treatment center is a very important part of the process. Our team provides genuine referrals & introductions to treatment centers based on the patient's situation and needs. We do not receive or accept financial compensation or incentives from treatment centers or rehab facilities.

Families in Mississippi have access to our full professional intervention services and guidance; we also assist organizations wishing to intervene on behalf of their members or employees.

Get Intervention Assistance & Guidance In Mississippi

Contact us for a free consultation about our professional interventions & what to do for a struggling family member or close friend. We routinely meet by phone (or video-chat) with families to answer their questions about our interventions in Mississippi.

There Is No "One Size Fits All" Intervention Approach

We wholeheartedly understand that every troubled individual has a unique situation and unique factors that contribute to their addiction. There are a variety of recognized intervention strategies & methodologies that can be used by our interventionists to get your loved one to agree to accept professional help.

An early part of the intervention process with any family is the selection of an intervention strategy. This can include elements from several different family intervention models. We will explain to you the role of intervention strategies such as the Love First models, the Johnson Model, the ARISE model and the Systemic Family Approach for interventions.

Selection of an intervention strategy (or strategies) defines the roles the participating family members or friends will play in the intervention for your loved one.

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The first step is to talk to one of our interventionists to get your questions and concerns answered. Call (601) 503-7771 or Email Us. We are certified interventionalists working with family interventions for addiction, private interventions and professional interventions for decades.

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We also travel to lead interventions for families living in other parts of Mississippi.

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