Our Family Recovery Course, or Family Programming Course, is designed around helping the family navigate any obstacles during treatment and to help develop a long-term recovery plan with the clinical team for the client after discharge.  They will be focused on the client (as they should be) and beginning the process of healing.

The goal of the Family Recovery Course is to help the family recover at the same time. This will increase the chances of sustained success for the client and decrease the family’s stress and pain in the future.

Helping the family is one of the core focuses of our alcohol and drug interventions, and our Family Recovery Course allows families to access our expertise even if they do not elect to retain us for an intervention.

Call our experienced team at (601) 503-7771 for compassionate help & questions about the Family Recovery Course. We provide free consultations & advice to every caller.

About the Family Recovery Course

The Family Recovery Course is a 6 week program consisting of weekly Zoom calls lasting roughly one hour. Your course leader will send out material each week for the participating family members to review and have questions ready to present during the meeting.

Some families find enormous value in the course program and choose to extend past the course’s designated six weeks so they can continue learning and progressing.  I have compiled material from all my resources and experience to be able to adapt it to any family regardless of where they are in the journey.

This program is also available to members of the behavioral health community for their own patients. We offer customized Family Recovery Course curriculum designed to fit the needs of clinical staff.  

The Family Recovery Course covers the following topics:

  •  Suggestions while your loved one is in treatment;
  • Addictive behavior while in treatment (what to expect & how to respond)
  • What is Addiction (from the addict’s perspective)?
  • What is Recovery (and what needs to change long-term)?
  • Common Reactivity within the family
  • Family Roles
  • Boundaries, Consequences & Accountability
  • Long-term Recovery Planning
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Understanding Addiction

Alcoholism, Drug Addiction & Behavior Disorders

As professional interventionists, we are here to disrupt the substance abuse patterns a family member or close friend may be displaying due to their addiction to alcohol or drugs. We also are qualified to assist with various mental health disorders.