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The most common misconception in and around substance use disorder within the family is the idea that our loved one struggling with addiction will one day logically look at their life situation and decide to change on their own. We know from years of experience that this almost never happens without some outside influence or change in reactions from the family surrounding the person struggling.

Also, in many cases, the emphasis around helping our loved one is hyper-focused on him/her and the family surrounding him/her is left out with little to no direction regarding how to move forward as a unit.

Clear Path Interventions seeks to develop a team within the family and friends in order to create a unified front with a simple recovery message that the team will live by moving forward in order to place our loved one in a position to accept help. This process creates a long term recovery plan for our loved one AND THE FAMILY.

Addiction is a Disease of the Entire Family

There are some things we see over and over again as interventionists. Typically, the family has tried every imaginable way to convince their loved to change. We know that this approach doesn’t work because their person has highly developed manipulative tactics to deflect any confrontation that could threaten their current path (active addiction). We also know that the family is too emotionally attached due to their love and can rarely remain grounded without someone objective and unattached to help formulate and implement the plan.

We’ve all heard “addiction is a family disease,” but what does that really mean to the family members who surround the person struggling? In short, it means the person struggling has created a system around the family and trained the members connected in how to treat him/her in order maintain the current path of self destructive behaviors.

These tactics can include instilling fear, threats, shutting down, explosively reacting, etc.

Educating the Family & Changing Behaviors

We spend an entire day with our client’s family and friends prior to the intervention in order to educate them on the addicted brain and why people struggling with substances behave and react differently to life in every aspect.

This process shifts the perspectives of the team and enlightens them on many levels while creating a NEW understanding of their loved one. “No one ever wanted to be an addict/alcoholic and create chaos in their own life as well as everyone they care about.”

The goal of the process is to help the family end the supportive and enabling behaviors that contribute to their loved one’s addiction support system.

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A family intervention for alcoholism or drug addiction is a process.

An intervention for alcohol or drug addiction is a process and not just a one-time event. We work with each family individually to create a personalized plan that will assist them best on their loved one’s road to recovery.


Our first steps in the intervention process are to understand our clients’ situation & recovery needs, so we can identify how to best provide support. A great deal of strategic planning & coaching occurs with the family prior to the actual intervention.

The Family Meeting

On the day of the intervention, we will meet at a pre-determined and neutral location. The client will be supported by participating family members & close friends.

Treatment Center

After the intervention meeting, we will notify the treatment center that your loved one has chosen to attend rehabilitation and will be starting immediately.

Sober Transport

During this part of the process, our last step is to make sure the client arrives at the treatment center safely, unless other arrangements have been determined prior.

You don’t need to wait for your loved one to hit rock bottom. The role of a professional interventionist is to raise the bottom.

Our relationship with Treatment Centers

Please be aware we are not marketers or recruiters for treatment centers, and that we do not receive compensation or incentives for referrals. Our selection and recommendation of a treatment center is based solely on the facility’s match and fit with your loved one’s needs.

The team at Clear Path Interventions are certified family interventionists, certified intervention professionals & recovery coaches. We also have a wealth of experience & guidance to share with you in selection of a sober living home and other after-care options down the road for your family member.

We treat every situation with the same passion and level of care as if we were assisting a member of our own family.

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Understanding Addiction

Alcoholism, Drug Addiction & Behavior Disorders

As professional interventionists, we are here to disrupt the substance abuse patterns a family member or close friend may be displaying due to their addiction to alcohol or drugs. We also are qualified to assist with various mental health disorders.