Do you have a family member, close friend or co-worker that is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction? You don't have to face these issues alone. We are a full service drug & alcohol interventionist for families.

Our professional intervention team works with families struggling with addiction in Tallahassee, and for those living in other parts of Florida. We lead your family through a professional intervention and will also recommend and coordinate a treatment center near Tallahassee (or out of the area) that is the right fit for your loved one, offering them the chance to succeed in treatment and build a foundation for sustainable sobriety. This is a simplified explanation of what we do - we encourage you to call us at (601) 503-7771 for a free consultation to let us walk you through the process.

Our Professional Interventions in Tallahassee

A great deal of planning & preparation goes into a professionally-led intervention for addiction. Our goal is not to just get your family member to agree to go to treatment - we are here to establish a pathway to long-term, sustainable sobriety that continues long after they initially "get sober" at a treatment center.

The selection of an appropriate treatment center is a very important part of the process. Our team provides genuine referrals & introductions to treatment centers based on the patient's situation and needs. We do not receive or accept financial compensation or incentives from treatment centers or rehab facilities.
Families in Florida have access to our full professional intervention services and guidance; we also assist organizations wishing to intervene on behalf of their members or employees. We lead interventions for families living all over Florida, including major cities like Pensacola, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, Cape Coral, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Fort Lauderdale, Miramar, Hollywood, Gainesville, Port St. Lucie, Lakeland, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Hialeah, Clearwater, Pembroke Pines, and Coral Springs, and other parts of the state.

Get Intervention Assistance & Guidance In Tallahassee

Call us for a free consultation about our interventions in Tallahassee. Our interventionists regularly speak with families to answer their questions and to set expectations about the process. We are happy to discuss our intervention methods, how the process works, how your family participates, the costs for services, and how we can help your loved on get sober and stay happily sober for the long haul.

Alcoholism & Drug Addiction Intervention Resources

We work heavily with compassionate family interventions for alcohol and those struggling with alcohol abuse. It is never too late (or too early) to help a loved one stop the progression of alcoholism.

Alcohol Intervention & Substance Abuse Intervention - Treatment Methodologies

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) States that when a trained interventionist is utilized, more than 90% of addicts will take the commitment to seek professional help. While this statistic is true, please realize that success in sobriety after rehab or treatment is directly linked to coaching and education with the family, modifying family dynamics to remove enabling behaviors, and by being strategic with post-treatment case management and after-care.

Our Clear Path Intervention Approach

When you spend a lot of time helping hundreds of families from all over the country with various addiction and mental health problems, you quickly see that no one intervention approach is effective for every addict in every family situation.

Here are summaries on some of the traditional intervention methodology approaches that are endorsed by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

The Love First Intervention Methodology

Love and compassion is a language that gets through to even the most troubled addict or alcoholic.

Several meetings led by a certified interventionist occur, leading up the intervention with the goal of creating a loving plan for positive change. An intervention model using Love First techniques requires each participant on the intervention team to write an intervention letter. The intervention letters are key to the process and serve as detailed explanations of the relationship between the person and the addict, a list of instances when addiction had an effect on the person, and statements of concern for the addict’s wellbeing. Each letter includes a separate portion explaining the consequences of refusing treatment; this is only presented to the addict if they refuse to seek help during the intervention. There's more to the Love First intervention model than this brief summary.

The Johnson Model for Interventions

The Johnson Model is a popular professional intervention technique that uses a mix of direct confrontation, establishing boundaries and tough love to get the addict into rehab and treatment. The technique uses a surprise intervention meeting to force the addict to acknowledge their behavior, the consequences, and the impact of their addiction on those around them. In successful interventions using this treatment modality, a certified interventionist will run the intervention meeting, where the people involved will tell the addict how their behavior has impacted them.

The ARISE Model for Interventions

The ARISE model is a softer, more supportive approach with less confrontation; this model is often used with spouses and partners in the intervention. An ARISE intervention model is designed to get the addict into outpatient treatment, and starts with a treatment center call followed by a modified version of the Johnson Intervention Model. During the intervention, the addict may choose to enter treatment voluntarily; in these cases the intervention team formally agrees to continue to provide support to the addict.

The Systemic Family Approach Intervention Model

Interventions using the Systemic Family Intervention Approach are based upon traditional intervention tactics with some modifications. All intervention meetings are held with a certified interventionist and include the alcoholic or drug addict in the meetings. These meetings are a two-way street – the family and the addict will openly discuss the effects of the addiction and everyone (hopefully) will agree to attend some form of counseling together both during and after the addict’s rehab.

Start Planning an Intervention in Tallahassee Today

The first step in an intervention is to talk to an interventionist to get your questions answered, concerns addressed, and expectations set for the process. We are certified interventionalists working with family interventions, drug and alcohol interventions, private interventions and professional interventions for decades, and are happy to share our experience with you. We offer Free Consultations to all so we can understand your family's situation and your loved one's struggles with addiction.

Our team of interventionists travel to various parts of Florida, including but not limited to the following areas. If you don't see an area listed, just call us at (601) 503-7771 or Contact Us.

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