Brad Garraway is the founder of Clear Path Intervention. His path to recovery started in 2005 in Jackson, Mississippi. Brad worked in another industry for 13 years while organically helping families find treatment for their loved ones. He had been pushed by family and friends for years to take a risk and change careers.

After having a loved one who struggled with substance use, he realized how difficult it is to navigate these situations even with over a decade in recovery at that time. It was then he decided to resign from his job to focus professionally on helping people find the path to recovery.

After experience working in two different treatment centers, Brad realized that his real passion was working directly with the families of struggling individuals. He has trained in multiple modalities of intervention and has worked as an intervention specialist for one of the largest companies in the nation while building the platform for Clear Path Intervention.

Today, Clear Path Intervention is a team of like-minded, passionate individuals that have been trained based on his diverse experience to address the needs of families facing addiction.

“I do this because I love it… and if it weren’t for the people who helped me I would not be alive today”

Brad Garraway, NCIP, CRC2

Get your loved one back from alcohol or drugs, and on the way to recovery and long-term sobriety.

About our Sober Transport services. We make sure your loved one gets to treatment without issues.

We are Patient Advocates that make sure you navigate the complicated world of recovery.

We are support systems, mentors and advocates to help maintain sobriety.

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Intervention
Understanding Addiction

Alcoholism, Drug Addiction & Behavior Disorders

As professional interventionists, we are here to disrupt the substance abuse patterns a family member or close friend may be displaying due to their addiction to alcohol or drugs. We also are qualified to assist with various mental health disorders.